The New Perth Convention Center Revamp Plan Excites the West Coast!

The recent announcement by the WA government regarding the reconstruction of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre has sparked widespread interest and excitement within the west coast.

The proposed makeover is expected to completely change Perth’s waterfront and provide Western Australia with sustained economic growth. The goal is to elevate Perth’s conference facilities to the level of those in Adelaide and Geelong, which have made significant investments in their display capacity, by adding 4,500 square meters to the current 16,500. This innovative plan calls for the construction of three jetties, a pedestrian bridge connecting to Elizabeth Quay, and possible improvements to surrounding facilities, including the bus dock and high-density housing.

It will also create a myriad of construction jobs for the future and generate employment opportunities locally in various businesses.

What is the proposed plan for the redevelopment of the New Perth Convention Center?

New perth convention center opening date

The proposed plan would create an iconic waterfront precinct on the Swan River, with a world-class and highly competitive convention space to attract major business events to WA.

The proposed project aims to establish a new tourism and hospitality hub for Perth. This will involve enhancing Elizabeth Quay’s connectivity, showcasing the Swan River and Kings Park, and creating a new public realm that includes an outdoor theater on the Swan, new waterfront facilities, and food and beverage establishments.

Sustainability and Accessibility of Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

The refurbished center emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendly methods in response to the growing environmental consciousness. With eco-friendly design features, sustainable materials, and energy-efficient equipment, the center can meet strict environmental performance standards and lessen its environmental impact while offering guests a contemporary and welcoming environment.

Accessibility is a major design factor for the new center. The facility will have improved accessible features with an emphasis on inclusivity and convenience, making it friendly and accommodating for all guests, including those with mobility issues.

Community Impact and Economic Growth With New Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

The local community and the wider economy are expected to be significantly impacted by the reconstruction of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The center’s ability to attract a wide variety of events and exhibitions will help boost commercial prospects, increase tourism, and enhance Perth’s standing as a lively location for both local and foreign meetings.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that the center’s development will spur economic expansion and job possibilities, enhancing the vibrancy and prosperity of the surrounding area. The center seeks to establish Perth as a vibrant and forward-thinking city by cultivating a healthy ecosystem of innovation, creativity, and cross-cultural exchange through strategic collaborations and cooperative activities.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the redevelopment of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre:

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre Address

The New Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) is located at 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, Western Australia 6000.

When will the redevelopment of the New Perth Convention Center be completed?

The PCEC was built in 2004 with a lease held by Wyllie and Brookfield until 2039. While working with the State Government, Wyllie and Brookfield have identified an opportunity to redevelop the precinct. The State Government is currently formally examining a concept proposal made by Wyllie and Brookfield regarding the future of the New Perth Convention Center.

The business case for the redevelopment will be finalized and presented to the State Government for evaluation in mid-2024. Therefore, the launch or opening date of the New Perth Convention Center is not yet known.

Upcoming events at New Perth Convention Centre

The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) is a popular venue for a variety of events.

Here are some of the upcoming events at the New Perth Convention Center:

  1. Australian Geographic’s “Our Country”: A multi-sensory experience that provides a never-before-seen perspective on Australia’s breathtaking wilderness, celebrating the grandeur and diversity of our country.
  2. Ant Middleton – “FEAR BUBBLE: Your Life, Your Time”: A tour by soldier turned SAS Australia star and best-selling author Ant Middleton.
  3. “Wanderlust True North”: A community event that aims to provide time, space, community, empowerment, and inspiration.
  4. “The Princess Bride in Concert”: A screening of the classic adventure-romance on the big screen with a live orchestra.
  5. Russell Howard: A comedy show by Russell Howard, one of the world’s top comedians.
  6. “AOG Energy”: Australia’s premier oil, gas, and energy annual trade event.

How can you book tickets for these events?

You can book tickets for events at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) through Ticketek. Visit the PCEC website to view upcoming events and follow the links to purchase tickets. You can also find information on attending an event, including ticketing, public transport, getting here, and entry maps, on the PCEC Attend page.

New Perth Convention Centre Parking

You can park your vehicle at the City of Perth Convention Centre Car Park, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The car park can be accessed via Mill St, Mounts Bay Rd, or the Riverside Dv off-ramp from the Mitchell Freeway. The hourly rate for parking is $6.50, and the day rate is $24.00 from Monday to Friday (6 am to 5.59 pm). The night rate is free from Monday to Sunday (6 pm to 5.59 am), and the day rate on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays is $10.00 (6 am to 5.59 pm).

Motorcycles can be parked in a marked motorcycle bay, and the hourly rate is $2.00.


Rebuilding the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre is an ambitious project with enormous potential for the city and its people. The new center, emphasizing modernization, sustainability, and adaptability, is positioned to become a hub of innovation and a force for advancement by providing a vibrant venue for a wide variety of exhibitions and events. As the project progresses, there is a tangible sense of excitement and expectation for the opening of this innovative facility, which will usher in a new era for Perth’s convention and events scene.