About us

WowPerth showcases Perth, Western Australia’s beauty, culture, and vibrancy, and connects you with the best events, activities, and businesses around you.

We believe that Western Australia is a wonderful and amazing place, and we’re excited to share that with the world. Our mission is to help you feel more connected to your community, more informed about local events and activities, and more inspired to explore the region.

From local cafes and shops to museums, culture, and music, WowPerth is passionate about creating a platform that connects people with the best of WA. We’re committed to creating a brand that is unique, memorable, and inspiring.

We believe that Perth is more than just a city – it’s a community of people who are passionate about life, culture, and creativity. At WowPerth, we want to help you discover the magic of Perth City & Western Australia, and to share that magic with the entire world.