Top 5 brunch cafes I’m dying to go back to!

We have been kept indoors for our own safety for a while, now we are slowly gaining our freedom back! What feels like years, and years of solitude and my own cooking, all I can think about are my favorite brunch cafes. Just to sit in an airy space filled with the scent of coffee and good people to share the atmosphere with. Did somewhere pop into your minds? Well, here are some of the places I’ve been dying to go back to. 

Piccolo’s corner

West Leederville

On the corner of St Leonards Avenue and Woolwich St, lies a little cafe with vintage decor and an overgrown succulent garden. You walk in to see a counter filled with cake and goodies and surrounded by the sound of faint music and the buzzing of the coffee machine. You’re greeted with a friendly but busy staff who will bring you the best coffee and brunch in the corner. It’s a small yet homey space with the option to sit in the outdoor garden. I always sit in the garden because there’s always a chance of meeting a puppy or Mishka the resident cat. Either way, it’s the perfect place to either date your favorite person on a lazy Sunday morning or just to take yourself and a book to read as you dig into one of their toasted ciabatta dishes and a cup of coffee.

Kinky Swell


You’re around Scarborough beach and deciding where to go for coffee or a bite to eat. Well, Kinky swell is somewhere you won’t want to miss. You can practically smell the freshly ground coffee beans as you walk up to the entrance of this spacious and beautifully decorated cafe. This is where it gets exciting. You look around, and the menu of dishes that are being served and eaten will make you want to order one of each. Such as crunchy hummus with caramelized onions and poached eggs or a cauliflower and chia rice cakes. 

It’s also pet friendly so you can take your furry friend a much-deserved beach walk and try out their fresh coffee and a bite of your choice.


East Perth

Where do I even begin? The food, or the coffee, or the scenic location? We’ve all heard of Toast Cafe situated by the Claisebrook cove of East Perth and if you haven’t… Where have you been this whole time?! Oh, wait, at home… Sorry. Well, if you’re in the mood to be surrounded by water views but don’t want to leave the city. This is the place you should try on your next brunch adventure. They have 12 different types of bread to choose from with toppings like a roasted pumpkin with charred corn, danish feta and rocket (my favorite), and even single-origin batch brew to try out from their coffee list. Take me there right now!

Van’s Cafe


This must be the best place to hit on the way or back from Cottesloe beach. Whether you just want to takeaway coffee, or meet up with your gang for breakfast or brunch (lunch or dinner), or just sit around have a cheeky happy hour (or before the actual happy hour). Oh, how I missed having quality eats and memorable moments sitting in the outdoor setting. Maybe unintentionally eavesdropping to loud people or being the “loud people”. You get to choose.



West Leederville

Tucked away in West Leederville filled with welcoming staff and big windows with green filled modern decor engulfed in comforting vibes. This is where I want to be… You can find the best organic loafers artisan ciabatta toast and brisket tacos between 6:30 am till 2 pm. Oh, did I mention their micrology coffee too?

In addition, this New York Highline inspired cafe also turns into a bar at night where you enter via the back door. (Hylin at the back bar- I see what you did there). I could spend all day there! Except that I’ll have to find somewhere else between 2:30 pm – 4 pm. 

Spacious outdoor, big windows, I think I’ve got a theme going here… Or just have been deprived of these places. I’m gonna let you think about that.


South Perth

I know, I said five but here’s a bonus one! (It was also very difficult to cut down to 6 out of well..every place I’ve tried and loved.)

Sprolo coffee is probably one of the smoothest coffees you’ll find in Perth. As much as I love their interior with their high rise long wooden table as their main feature, their coffee is unrivaled in the area. To pair with their famous coffee, their menu ranges from traditional Singaporean breakfast to house-made spread on toasted banana bread and pandas waffles. I’m getting hungry just typing these. Yes, they’re on the busy canning highway but they also have their own parking so getting off your recently unquarantined tooshies and finding your way there is no problem!


Don’t forget about those pandemic refined takeaway options! They’re better than ever.

So, what are you waiting for?

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