Time to Have Fun at Scarborough Beach

Have you been to the iconic Scarborough Beach recently? Now, it is time to go there to enjoy the endless fun!

Scarborough Aerial Photos 2018

Things you can do there:
Enjoy the amazing sunset. Lean on your loved one’s shoulder. At this moment, you don’t have to talk about anything, but it’s the most romantic promise he/she can offer.

Plenty of fun at Scarborough Sunset Markets. Not only the foodies can enjoy themselves from those popular food trucks that bring yummy food from all over the world,the stunning performance can entertain all the people from young to old. Good food, fantastic performance, lots of fun activities, amazing and free summer night breeze, don’t miss Scarborough Sunset Markets every Thursday night.

Exploring beachside bars. There are lots of great bars with spectacular views. Nothing compares to a summer evening chilling with a cold beer, especially with such a gorgeous view and amazing breeze every now and then.

Multi-functional playground. If you haven’t visited the playground at Scarborough Beach yet, it’s your child’s loss. The playground there is massive, including an interesting whale themed playground entertaining kids from young to a bit older, a beach skatepark, bouldering walls, BBQ area, picnic tables, etc. It will be a family fun day to visit there.

(Photo Source: stirling.wa.gov.au/business-and-tourism/tourism/explore-scarborough)

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