Skincare 5 tips against winter

It’s time to prepare for a war against winter for your skin. As winter is coming, our skin is getting extremely dry and dehydrated.


Yesterday I had been up at 8am to attend a conference and I felt that my skin was itchy and dry. When I came back home from the conference, I noticed my skin was irritated. You might have experienced heaps of bad symptoms in winter. But a lot of people just ignore these symptoms and accept them as a norm As they have already experienced it last winter. Although it might start as minor problems, it can become chronic diseases. During the winter time the environment really dries out our skin.

I’ve prepared five tips for dry skin in the winter time.











-Avoid over washing your face and taking a shower


Excessive cleansing and showering could weaken your skin’s barrier making you lose more moisture.

So reduce the amount of times you cleanse and rub your skin and gently cleanse and wipe your face. Rough fabric aggravates the skin and it can make the skin itchy and dry. So try to wear comfortable cotton clothing after shower.


-Eat healthy foods that keep skin hydrated


It is equally as important to care for the skin interior wise as you care for the exterior.

Drink 1.5 to 2Ls of water everyday and eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in moisture.

Especially if you have dry skin, try to take in foods with amino acids such as broccoli, avocados, carrots and honey. They are natural moisturizers.



-Use oils that moisturize the skin


During the winter when the wind is crazy cold your skin can not only feel itchy but also painful from the super coldness. Using purified vegetable oil or jojoba oil helps moisturize the skin.

It also penetrate deep into the skin to help regenerate it.

In particular we recommend you select natural oils to increase moisturizing power.

Hydrating post-cleanse night care

-Use a proper cleanser for skin


Generally 20% of the skin’s moisture evaporates one minute after cleansing. Make sure you apply proper skincare on your face within five minutes at the latest.

The main point of winter skincare is protection and nourishment. Use a low pH cleanser that helps balance the skin’s pH level and give the instant softening and hydrating effect to the skin. Use a cleanser that not only exfoliates the skin but also has antibacterial properties that help fight acne. And also has a peeling effect which gives you a toning effect and also hydrates the skin.


-Use sheet masks to help reconstruct the skin barrier


Use a gentle sheet mask made with soft tencel fiber which is perfect for a start or end of the day in the cool winter time especially due to the soothing properties and the hydrating properties of the essence. Because the skin is especially sensitive and irritated during the cool winter times. It’s super important to take care of your skin with cooling and calming and hydrating products.














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