Not sure where to go for Korean BBQ in Perth? Why not give these places a try!

K-BBQ has been taking up the spotlight! Grab your friends and hit the streets of Perth to find out what all the hype is about. Here’s a list of smokin’ Korean BBQ restaurants that will satisfy your hunger as well as provide you with that true Korean experience. So, go on and pick one that best suits your mood!



Located on Barrack st Perth a place that would serve Korean bbq pork in 8 different marinates used to operate..before they were forced to temporarily close. Well, the moment it reopens, get ready to go into a food coma with their famous 8 flavor pork belly marinated in wine, bulgogi, garlic, herbs, curry, pepper, chili, and original marinates. Make sure you wrap those freshly cooked pork in some lettuce and add some sauce and kimchi!

Took Bae Kee II


“Took Bae Kee” is the Korean word for clay stone pots that keep your food hot and sizzling throughout your meal. Like their name suggests this BBQ place will bring you that hot meal you’ve been craving. Try one of their clay pot dishes and grill some sliced pork right in front of you. Along with spicy kimchi and a variety of sides to choose from. You’ll come out hotter than ever! 

Tong 86


Do you know what I miss? Being able to Bring Your Own to a restaurant and having a hearty meal before walking to the club just around the corner from here. You walk into the foggy restaurant full of bbq smoke and sit right in the middle of it all and have a great time with your friends. Spread out in front of you, a platter of kimchi pancakes and kimchi stews, kimchi, and maybe accidentally burning a pork belly or two. Only to laugh and dip into their signature peanut sauce. 

BBQ village

Victoria Park

In the mood for authentic Korean BBQ? Along the busy streets of Vic Park, you can find a place that will feel like home. You’ll be welcomed with big smiles, big portions of delicious food, and good pricing with attentive and friendly staff. Bring your friends for that much needed hearty meal and a heart to heart conversation or just banter, all is catered! While you’re in the area, you might as well kick on to karaoke or the pub or a dessert place on the street. It’s a busy street. 

Ssam Korean Cuisine & BBQ Restaurant

Victoria Park

Sam offers a more modern vibe to Korean BBQ, with clean, spacious decor and a wide range of choices on their menu. Chicken, pork, beef, marinated options, seafood soups, hotpots and I could keep going… Also, unlike most BBQ places they offer more vegetarian-friendly options so next time your vegetarian friend says no to Korean BBQ, take them here!



Are you having a call for some Karaoke and some Korean BBQ? You’re in the right place. When you walk in it feels like you’re out at an outdoor restaurant in Korea. You know the one where the whole place feels like it’s covered in clear vinyl sheets to keep you warm but airy enough that the BBQ smoke doesn’t consume you. That’s what it felt like for me; the friendly staff who helps you with the BBQ process and sound of the sizzling grill, sharing soju between your friends. Just before you head into karaoke to sing your throat out. It’s a good night.  



Located in the heart of Chinatown, Twodari is a fusion Korean BBQ place that offers up unique Korean dishes with a modern twist. Select from a wide range of meats for BBQ, army soup, rice cake ramen, and dishes with a cheesy layer, all the Korean goodies to warm up your night. It also opens until late 2 am-3 am (except Tuesdays) so don’t worry about being late!

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