Do you know this mysterious WWS community?

Do you know you got a chance to get free products from Woolworths if you join this mysterious community?

People all shop in Woolworths countless times to buy daily stuff and most people use WWS membership cards to earn credits or discounts. NOW, there is another benefit you can enjoy if you have the WWS membership. Or if you don’t have one, it is very simple to join online or in store.

Once you a member with WWS, you can join this members-only community–bunch. There, you get a free WWS sample and what you need to do is just to share your thoughts online after using it. One lady had once get a big ham worth $44.8.

Now, bunch membership is currently at capacity, you can complete the register your interest form for future openings.

Joining bunch is FREE. It’s worth the waiting and you can enjoy the lots of coming free products from the shop.


More info, please visit Bunch Woolworhs.




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