Best Guide on How to order Dim Sum

Dim Sum is one of the most well known Asian food. It’s hard to find a better way to spend a weekend morning with friends or families to try out different kinds of dim sum dishes. Luckily, the portion of each dim sum dish is not too big, that means you got lots of chance to try out as many as you like. Therefore, it’s always so exciting to see a waitress pushing a trolley around the restaurant, which is full of various kinds of yummy dim sum dishes.


The next question would be—What should I order? They all look so tempting, even though the portion is not too big, you still need a bottomless pit in your stomach to try everything in a time as the choices are heaps.


If you are a starter to a dim sum restaurant, today, we are going to introduce you the TOP 10 most popular dim sum dishes.




Dumplings are the iconic Chinese food. No one will say no to a good dumpling dish. The different fillings in dumplings can cater for almost everyone. There are so many you can choose from dumpling dishes, such as shrimp dumpling, chive and pork dumpling, seafood dumplings, Siu mai, fried wonton, etc.


  1. Shrimp dumpling (Hargau)

The steamed dumpling with shrimp filling is a must try for the eaters in a dim sum restaurant. You can have spicy dipping to tickle your taste buds.


  1. Siu mai

Steamed siu mai with pork and prawns or scallops are very popular, too. The wrapper of the siu mai is yellow, so you can easily tell the different from it and other kinds of dumplings. With just one bite, you can taste many different ingredients at a time.




The choice on rolls are also various. Fresh steamed or fried rice noodles are rolled around a variety of fillings. There are spring rolls, Tofu skin roll, beef Cheong fan(rolled rice noodles), prawn Cheong fan, Zhaliang, etc.


  1. Prawn Cheong fan

Fresh steamed rice noodles are rolled around prawns. They come drizzled with a sweet soy sauce. The taste of this steamed rice noodles dish is soft and smooth.


  1. Zhaliang (Fried, noodle-wrapped crullers)

In this version of cheong fan, the steamed rice noodles are wrapped around crispy, savory fried crullers flavoured with soy, sesame, or hoisin sauce. Get them fresh and eat them fast to maximize that crisp/slippery/tender contrast.



Bun is Chinese way to call a bread. However, Chinese bread is huge different from western bread. The ways to make Chinese buns are assorted. There are Cha siu bun(steamed BBQ prok-stuffed buns), xiao long bao(steamed broth bun), sweet cream bun, Pineapple bun, etc.


  1. Xiao long bao

This kind of bun is filled with prok and normally with a rich broth inside. Therefore, it will be interesting to try this dish and you have to be careful because the broth could be very hot. Firstly, you need a spoon to hold a xiao long bao, and then bite a little hole on the side of the wrapper to let the broth come out. Sip the broth and then enjoy the whole bun.


  1. Cha siu bun

Cha siu bun is a very classic streamed bun. The Chinese style BBQ pork filling is very tasty and the dough is very soft and fluffy. The combination of those two flavors is just amazing in your mouth.



There are many kinds of Chinese cakes you can choose from. The taste is completely different from the original western cakes. In a dim sum restaurant, you can have fried radish cake (with XO sauce), streamed or fried taro cake, water chestnut cake and so on.


  1. Fried Lo baak gou (fried radish cake) with XO sauce

Shredded radish is mixed with rice flour, ham, sausage and some spice. All the different ingredients and the XO sauce come together to bring you a rich flavour, you have ever had.


  1. Fried Taro cake

Taro cake is made of starchy taro. It is deep fried, so the wrapping is very crispy and crunchy, but the taro filling inside is super soft and sweet. That is also something you couldn’t miss.


Meat dishes

The meat dishes are very tasty and some of them would be very interesting for most of the westerners, such as Fung zao(fried steamed chicken feet), steamed reticulum beef tripe, steamed omasum beef tripe. But those are something you can’t get a chance to try in western restaurant. Go for it and give yourself a new experience.


  1. Fung zao(fried steamed chicken feet)

The way to make this dish is very complex. The chicken feet are firstly fried and then steamed with different kinds of seasonings and spices. It might look a bit scary but it does taste soft and great.


  1. Deep fried squid tentacles

This Chinese dish is so popular among westerners and children. The texture of this dish is also very interesting. The tentacles are a bit chewable while the deep fried wrapping brings it a very crispy taste. You will have great fun with the unique texture.


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