Sakura Sake – Premium Japanese Restaurant


Are you craving for some high quality Japanese food in the city? Head to Sakura Sake in Northbridge!

It is located in the heart of Northbridge on James Street, where you can enjoy the exciting vibe.

Once you go in to the store, a huge cherry blossom tree is welcoming you, which is one of the central focuses of the restaurant.

Once you have sat down at the table, ordering food is just as easy as one-two-three.

There is an iPad at each table, and you simply need to select the menu that you want to try out.

The order will be automatically taken and your food will be ready as soon as it’s ready, before you even know it.


You will be surprised by how variety the menus are at Sakura Sake. The menus are
divided into 8 different categories – sushi, izakaya, aburi, nigiri, donburi, bento, noodles and salads. There are also variety range of different sake available to choose from, and they also have cocktails, beers and Korean alcohol (Soju).

The signature menu at Sakura Sake would be the Sakura Platters- Sushi Sashimi Platter and the Sakura Boat Platter in particular. You can choose the size between M, L and XL depending on how much you would like to eat. They are great for sharing and most importantly, sashimi is being served in a very fresh condition.

For people who don’t like sashimi or sushi, Sakura Sake also has the dishes for them too. The noodle soup dishes and their donburi menus are as amazing as the sashimi platters. They are served with your favourite choice of meat (chicken, beef or pork) with vegetables. Try out the bento box as well, if you want to enjoy the food with number of sides.

Don’t hesitate to contact Sakura Sake for reservation, and bookings for functions are also available. We guarantee that you will never regret it.


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