Wizhome Double Sided Fry Pan

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Harmless Special Silicon Pressure Packing!
Convenient Function of the Oil Pan!
Strong Magnetic Handles!
Ceratinum Four-Layer Coating!

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Package Contents: 1 Pc Magic Pan, 1 Pc extra silicon rubber

Specification size: 275mm x 245mm x 55mm


  1. Harmless Special Silicon Pressure Packing
  2. Convenient Function of the Oil Pan
  3. Strong Magnetic Handles
  4. Ceratinum Four-Layer Coating
  5. Functional pressure magnet
    – Improving the pressure function of the pan
  6. Stainless steel handle holder
    – Connecting the handles to the pan
  7. Silicon packing
    – Preventing an escape of odor an smoke from pan
  8. Pressure exit
    – evaporate draining hole
  9. Oil receiver
    – Receiving oil or water flown down from the upper pan
  10. Grooved rim
    – A grooved structure helps the pressure function of the pan
    – by fitting the silicon packing into the grove
  11. Functional handle
    – Ergonomic design to handle in comport and in safe

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 45 x 28 x 7 cm


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