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A ‘Pang Pang Hair Shadow’ from Mamonde is one of the best cosmetic products in South Korea! This cushion hair shadow allows you to have smaller forehead, and finely shaped hairline just in FEW SECONDS! This product is extremely easy to use and handy. 

From the M-shaped hairline to a U-shaped hairline!

You just simply paddle (‘pang pang’) the shadow with the puff provided inside the product onto the sparse spots on the scalp. It lets you have neater hairline and a younger-looking face.

Natural Colour! Just like your own hair.

It is just so natural that people will think that it’s actual hairline. It is designed specifically for the hairlines, therefore, the colour of the shadow mimics the colour of hair. Even after the day or two, it doesn’t disappear completely, but enough colour still remains that making a touchup optional. Also, it contains rose hip fruit oil extract that allows healthier complexion.

Petite Size, carry EVERYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Its size is just right for people to carry around in their mini bags, or makeup pouch whenever they go out. It is so handy that you can use it everywhere at anytime. At the same time, you don’t need to carry an applicator and a mirror separately. Just use the equipped puff and the mirror inside and PANG PANG! (paddle)


  1. Take out the equipped puff from the bottom of the product.
  2. Open the top lid of the product.
  3. Simply stamp the equipped puff onto the coloured shadow.
  4. Stamp along the sparse spots on the scalp to create neater hairline.
  5. Apply multiple times to darken the colour.


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